Rental Agreement

1.0 Introduction

Please read this Rental Agreement before entering or using any part of our website. By entering or using any part of ‚Äúborrowthebrands.co.nz‚ÄĚ, you agree to be bound by this Rental Agreement. If you do not agree to all of the agreement, you may not use our services.

This Rental Agreement is a legal agreement between you (the renter) and Borrow The Brands Limited. The agreement was established by us; you use the services that we provide; you order our garments for a fee specified on our website at www.borrowthebrands.co.nz


1.1 Payments

Payment for rentals will be done through our website, www.borrowthebrands.co.nz. The payment is to be made immediately for your booking to be secure for the date selected. There are two payment options available - bank transfer and PayPal. Note that we can only release the garments once we have the funds in our account (bank transfer can take 1-2 working days).

If you have reserved a booking and wish to cancel you have 24 hours from the time of booking. This does not include cancelations made due to booking errors ie. incorrect size, incorrect date, incorrect garment etc. In these instances you will be provided a store credit equal to the amount paid as this is an error made by you, the renter.  If 24 hours has passed, we can refund you in full in store credit equal to the amount paid. To do so please email borrowthebrands@gmail.com or contact us on our facebook page www.facebook.com/borrowthebrands. We can then organise a refund.

Once the item has been posted, if you no longer require it, there will be no refunds.

Regardless of whether or not you have paid, it is polite to let us know if you would like to cancel a booking as we do not constantly keep tabs on money coming into our account. "Not paying" is not enough to cancel a booking - just let us know as well. 

1.2 Shipping/delivery/return

Rentals will be posted Monday through to Thursday.

We use NZ post, and have overnight tracked shipping. Saturday delivery is not an option as it tends to be unreliable.

Postage costs are to be paid by you (the renter) and this is $10.00. All garments will come with a prepaid return postage bag.

Tracking details will be provided to you once we have sent the garment.

Rentals are to be returned in the prepaid postage bag provided, and to be sent the next working day after your event. Parcels need to be handed over the counter at a New Zealand Post Shop so the tracking is activated. If the tracking is not activated we will assume the item has not been posted and charge a $20 late fee per day.

We do not ship internationally.


1.3 Pick up and drop off

Pick up, and drop off, is free of charge. We are based in Riccarton.


If you are dropping the item back to us, we require the item to be returned within two working days. Failure to do so will result in a $20.00 penalty per day the item is not returned. 


1.4 Refunds

A refund will not be provided if the garment does not fit correctly or ‚Äėlook right‚Äô on you. If you are unsure on sizing, style, fit, please contact us beforehand as we do not refund if the garment does not fit. Measurements and more photos can be sent on request.

Refunds will be given for a fault in the postal system not delivering the item on time. All of our garments are sent out with plenty of time to arrive, and with all the correct postal stickers to ensure that they do arrive on time; it is possible however for there to be a delay, in which case a full refund will be applied.

The postal cut off for weekend rentals is 4.30pm on Thursdays. As posting this late in the week does not leave any extra days to cater for postal mishaps, there is a chance that your parcel may not be delivered in time and you are placing the order at your own risk. This is very unlikely but in the event that an order placed on a Thursday does not arrive in time, we will be unable to provide a refund.

A refund will be given if the garment(s) arrive damaged i.e. stained, torn, ripped. This is very unlikely as all of our garments are checked before being sent. Photo evidence of the damage will be required the same day the item arrives.

If it has been 24 hours since it has arrived, we will assume you are satisfied with the garment and no refunds will be issued.


Refunds will not be given if you (the renter) fail to provide a correct postal address or select the incorrect shipping option ie. selecting pick up instead of postage. It is up to you (the renter) to ensure that all information given is correct when placing an order.


1.5 Cleaning

We will wash the garments on return, and treat any marks or stains appropriately. If washing does not remove the marks/stains and dry cleaning is required, you (the renter) are responsible to pay for this (usually around $18.00). The amount will be discussed on a case by case basis.


1.6 Damage

If damage does occur, you (the renter) are liable to pay for the full cost of any repair. If the garment can not be repaired to an appropriate standard, you (the renter) are liable to pay us the RRP stated on the specific garment you rented on www.borrowthebrands.co.nz. You will not get the garment unless arrangements are made for you to buy the dress after you have paid the retail price for the dress that has been damaged beyond repair.


1.7 Try ons

Fittings are available in Riccarton. Bookings are essential. We can be contacted for a fitting, either via. email at borrowthebrands@gmail.com or Facebook at www.facebook.com/borrowthebrands/


 1.8 Other

You agree that any photos you send of yourself in our clothing may appear on our Facebook, Instagram or on www.borrowthebrands.co.nz.